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Roof Deficiencies

Look Out for These Issues With Your Roof

Vancouver experiences all kinds of weather fluctuations. This, along with years of wear and tear, can cause your roof to have major deficiencies. Here are some common problems you'll find in your roof:

Leaks: If heavy snow and ice sit on your roof, the weight can cause damage, which can lead to leaks. Even the smallest leak can soon turn into a major problem if left alone!
Chimney Deterioration: Snow and ice can build up on top of your chimney. If your chimney has any cracks, water can make its way inside of them. Once the water freezes again, the expansion can push the bricks and mortar apart.
Moss: While it may give your home a unique look, moss is not a good thing to have on your roof. It can raise the shingles and allow for water and debris to build up underneath them, putting your roof at risk for rotting and leaking.
Poor or Faulty Installation: It goes without saying that a roof that has been installed improperly can expect issues, and even a reduced life expectancy. Only a professional can tell you if your roof has been installed correctly.
Animals/Critters: Small animals such as birds and squirrels can do a surprising amount of damage to your roof. It's important to get rid of these pesky critters before they gain too strong of a foothold in your roof.
Punctures & Scratches: Wind and hail can cause small punctures in your roof which can lead to more serious problems. On top of this, overhanging trees can also cause damage to your roof by abrading the surface of your shingles over time.

Let Us Tell You If Proper Roofing Specifications Have Been Met

Lower Mainland Roof Inspection & Consulting Unlimited has a set of roofing specifications that we believe your roof should follow. If it has any of the aforementioned deficiencies, it’s not acceptable, nor is it safe for you and your family to live under.
At the point of roof completion, the finished product should not have any problems; however, if you do happen to notice any or you’re in the middle of a contract dispute, our roof consultants can assess the situation and provide you with a solution.
Get in touch with us at Lower Mainland Roof Inspection & Consulting Unlimited to speak with a roof consultant directly. We would love to get started on roof planning for your property today.

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