Roof Condition ReportFrequently Asked Questions

What is a "Roof Condition Report?"

In some circumstances, the status of your existing roof may be in question either due to age or other details.
In such cases, it may be requested that you retain an Independent Third Party (a independent roofing inspector) to provide a written "Roof Condition Report" to confirm that it remains reliable.

What Will The Inspector Review?

Typically, the inspector will attend the site, and perform a visual review of the roofing materials. The report will contain statements regarding their general condition, and the status of the roofing system. (is it currently leaking or damaged)

How Long Will The Process Take And When Will The Report Be Available?

Typically, the site inspection will take 30 to 45 minutes and the report is provided to the building owner within 2 to 4 days

What Will This Cost?

The fee for this service is $375.00 (+GST) including completion of the report, for a typical residential structure with a footprint not exceeding 3000 square feet and 2 storeys in height.
Contact our office to confirm the cost for your home prior to booking the inspection

How Soon Can This Be Completed

Often the site inspection can be booked within 72 hours of contacting our office Urgent or emergency inspections are handled on a case by case basis.

How Do I Book The Site Inspection

There are 3 ways to book your site inspection:
1. Call our office at 778-654-6813 and speak with our Inspector to arrange an appointment.
2. Email us at INFO@LMRI.CA to request an appointment.
3. Online - Go to WWW.LMRI.CA, go to our Contact Page and request a "Roof Condition Report".

What Is An "Independent Roofing Inspector"

The independent roofing inspector (RRO) is an expert adviser that works directly for the building owner, and has a fiduciary duty to the owner to provide an unbiased, factual opinion and recommendations to the owner regarding roofing.
Inspectors at Lower Mainland Roof Inspection and Consultants Ltd. belong to the "Roofing Consultants Institute" (RCI) as their professional association.